About the Materials Computation Center

The Materials Computation Center (MCC) supports educational experiences in materials science through the Travel Award Program, in
conjunction with European organizations Psi-k and CECAM.

The MCC also supports annual summer schools on computational materials science. The Summer Schools provide graduate-level training modules on various topics in computational materials science. These modules and other codes are distributed through our Software Archive.

The MCC also supports two yearly conferences: Understanding Complex Systems and Recent Developments in Electronic Structure. In the past, the Center has hosted meetings on behalf of the National Science Foundation.

Headquartered and supported by facilities and services by the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory (MRL), the MCC is sponsored by National Science Foundation DMR Award 03-25939.


Staff Directory and Contact Information

Staff Members ( * indicates member of MCC Advisory Committee)
Department Name
Mailing Address

Materials Computation Center

University of Illinois

104 South Goodwin Avenue, MC-230

Urbana, IL 61801

Offices: 292 MRL, 2-141 ESB

Fax: (217) 244-2278

Materials Computation Center

Director: David Ceperley*, Phone: (217) 244-0646

Faculty Affiliates: Karin Dahmen*, Alfred Hubler, Jean-Pierre Leburton

Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory

Director: Jennifer Lewis

Director of Operations: Kris Williams

Web/Database: Amy Young

Alumni and Previous Research Affiliates

List of Alumni and Faculty ( * indicates member of MCC Advisory Committee)
Department Name Students and Postdocs
Mechanical Sciences & Engineering Armand J. Beaudoin
Jonathan Dantzig
Robert B. Haber

Brent Kraczek (Johnson, Haber; Graduated 2007)

Scott Miller (Haber and Johnson, Graduated 2009)

Petros Sofronis
National Center for
Supercomputing Applications
Jeongnim Kim Byounghak Lee, Postdoc
Physics Karin Dahmen*

John Carpenter (Dahmen; Graduated 2004)

Amit Mehta (Dahmen; Graduated 2005)

Robert White (Dahmen; Graduated 2005)

Yang Liu (Dahmen; Graduated 2009)

Andrew Missel (Dahmen; Graduated 2009)

Alex Travesset (Dahmen)

Geogios Tsekenis (Dahmen)

Richard Martin*

Todd Beaudet (Martin; Graduated 2011)

Dyutiman Das (Martin; Graduated 2005)

Nichols Romero (Martin; Graduated 2005)

Vinay V. Tota (Martin; undergraduate)

Igor Vasiliev (Martin)

Jordan Vincent (Martin, Graduated 2006)

David Ceperley,

Center Director

Bryan Clark (Ceperley; Graduated 2010)

John Gergely (Ceperley; Gruaduated 2010)

Jeremy McMinis (Ceperley)

Alfred Hubler

Onyeama Osuagwu (Huebler)

Nathan Pollard (A. Huebler)

Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Philippe Geubelle
Civil & Environmental Engineering Glaucio Paulino
Chemistry Todd Martínez
General Engineering David Goldberg
Electrical & Computer Engineering Jean-Pierre Leburton
Mathematics (VaTech) Eric de Sturler*

Ruyi Yu (de Sturler; Graduated 2006)

Shun Wang (de Sturler; Graduated 2007)

Materials Science & Engineering Pascal Bellon
Duane Johnson,

Center Director from 2003-2010

Nikolai Zarkevic (Johnson)

Scott Miller (Haber and Johnson, Graduated 2009)

Brent Kraczek (Johnson, Haber; Graduated 2007)

Dallas Trinkle Min Yu (2011)
Erik Luijten
Angus Rockett