Summer School on Computational Materials Science
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Point Defects in Semiconductors: Focus on H in Si, SiO2 and at their junctions

Blair Tuttle - - Pennsylvania State University, Behrend

Outline of Lecture

  1. Semiconductor review and motivation
  2. Point defect calculations using ab initio DFT
  3. Applications from recent research
    1. Donor and acceptor levels for atomic H in c-Si
    2. Paramagnetic defects
    3. Energies of H in Si environments
    4. Hydrogen in amorphous silicon
    5. Hydrogen at Si-SiO2 interface

Lectures 1 and 2

Properties of Point Defects in Semiconductors
  Powerpoint presentation - www - download (2.38 MB PPT)

Lab Exercises

  Instructions and Worksheet
  Lab Solutions
  Lab Files - (2.09 MB TAR.GZ)


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